Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Beautiful Bedroom Decor

I have been shopping for room decor for my little girl's room and noticed that Land of Nod has beautiful room decor as well as many wonderful organizer items.

                   This beaded chandelier is absolutely stunning and has a classic look which I love.

                                                                   Beaded Chandelier

This peg rack will help me keep some items organized and tidy.

 I love the nice clean look of a simple, yet elegant white dresser.

                                                                    White Walden Wardrobe

This bedding is perfect, because it is not too bright, yet it is still playful and adds color to the room.

Those are only a few of the lovely items I have found so far. There are so many more items for little boys and babies too!


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Shauna said...

WOw beautiful... love the chandelier...
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