Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday Tutu Train!

If you love tutus, this is the place to be!
If you have a shop that sells tutus or you have made a tutu that you would love to share with everyone, please feel free to add it to the collection.

How to add your link and picture:

1. Click the "add your link" button below

2. Enter the URL to where the tutu can be found

3. Name........enter the Name of the TUTU

4. Enter your e-mail (will not be displayed and I will not e-mail you unless you need help, but in that case you would e-mail me. :) My e-mail is on the top righthand side of this blog.

5. Click "next step" to choose a picture or upload your own. Remember to click on the "upload" button after browsing for your own photo.

Please feel free to include tutu dresses as well!

*Pretty please only enter a maximum of 2 links/pictures per person. Thank you!

This linky will remain open until next Tuesday morning at 8:59 AM.
For those who are looking for tutus, tutu ideas or just love eye candy, please enjoy!

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