Wednesday, September 14, 2011

First Day of School

My little girl started Kindergarten this year and I was really nervous at first. I wasn't to send her to school quite yet! At the beginning of the summer, I thought I would get everything she would need such as extra running shoes for gym, backpack, lunchbag, clothes, and labels for everything! Summer ended up being much busier than expected and when the first day of school came around, I found myself without a lunchbag, labels or lunch containers. Now, I am the wasteful mommy who uses disposable bags for her lunch, but will go out this week to get her the re-usable stuff!

When I dropped her off on her first day of school, she was fine and didn't cry at all. She was pretty excited to be there and was probably looking forward to it. I was happy for her and didn't feel the need to cry, until a little boy in another class started crying and calling for his mommy. That's when I got just a tad teary eyed. His mom had to walk away so that he would hopefully stop screaming and crying, but he just wouldn't stop. I felt so sad for him and especially his mom, since it is so hard to see any child so unhappy. I know he will be happy and start having fun after a few days.

When I picked her up after school, the teacher's assistant mentioned that she was really quiet, but had a really good day. She was all smiles, but didn't feel like telling me much about her day. I'm hoping that eventually she will tell me stories about school and what she spent the day doing!

If you have any first day of school stories, I'd love to hear them!


Nikki said...

Last year, when my son started Kindergarten, he literally ran away from the bus and hid. It took 10 minutes and six people to coax him onto the bus. As soon as it pulled away, I bawled for a good ten minutes. This year went much better, he was excited to get back. I'm glad it went so well for your daughter!

Marie said...

Wow Nikki. I'm so glad your son is excited to get back to school this year. It's so hard when they really don't want to do something, but we have to stay strong. (and bawl in private sometimes! :)

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