Monday, March 5, 2012

How to Sew Curtains

This is an amazing tutorial on how to make ruffle curtains......a Guest Blog Post by Karen of Homemade Glamour. Check out her blog for more creative ideas and tutorials!

Ruffle curtains are the all the rage and a personal crush of mine for the last year. Anthropologie and Land of Nod both offer exquisite ruffle curtains for around, I don’t know, $100+ which to me is outrageous! And begging for a cute knockoff.
This curtain was surprisingly easy to do after you get the hang of  “ruffling” fabric. The easiest possible way would have to be using a ruffle foot, but since I don’t have one I had to ruffle by hand.
For this curtain I used two flat full size sheets in a solid color, make sure that they are flat sheets and not fitted ones, which would be a little too difficult to work with.

I cut the sheets into strips that were 4 inches wide and the length of the sheet.

To ruffle stitch along your fabric ½" in from the edge (for seam allowance). Leave at least 4" tails when you cut your top and bobbin thread. Unlike when you make a regular seam, when you make the ruffle stitch it is very important that you DO NOT BACK TACK.
Now, stitch another row about ¼" in from the fabric edge. Make sure to leave long tails when you cut your thread. Now you have two parallel rows of a long straight stitch. (I always make two rows incase one of the threads break)

At an end of the fabric you need to tie the upper and lower threads together into a knot.
At the other end of the fabric tug very gently on the two threads that are on top. The fabric will slide along these threads creating ruffles. Keep pulling, playing with the ruffle spacing as you go. After it is ruffled tie a knot in the other loose threads.

So this part is a little time consuming, but completely worth it!
So I lazed out at this point and layer the other untouched sheet down on the floor, and took a nap. After I got up and drank some coffee, I pined the ruffles down trying to keep even spacing. Pin the ones on the bottom first and work your way up.

From this point you simply sew the ruffles down row by row.

I sewed loops to hang the curtain up with extra fabric, and voila beautiful ruffle curtain!

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