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Winner of the Clip it Up Ribbon Organizer

This was a very fun giveaway and I really enjoyed reading the comments as I love scrapbooking and making things just as much.

The winner of the amazing Clip It Up Ribbon Organizer is comment #65!

Congratulations to Melody who made Comment #65, which was drawn at

The results of the draw can be seen here.

Thank you to everyone who entered! I will be holding my very first Etsy Giveaway sponsored by HamsaHealing very soon so please remember to visit again!

My Favorite Crafty Storage Items: Part Three.....a Giveaway!

There are so many fun storage items that I had a hard time deciding which one to give away. I was going to choose either this Desktop Organizer, which I really like, or the Desktop Carousel which I enjoy using, but I am such a ribbon fanatic!

That is why I am giving away this Clip It Up Ribbon Organizer. Keep in mind that it is the really long one.....3 feet long! (Also, ribbon is not included) So.....if you are not a crazy ribbon fanatic like me, you may prefer to have a different prize which we can discuss if you feel like entering anyways, and you happen to win. :) More details on this fabulous ribbon organizer here.

To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment with a tip on how to get organized or let us know what your favorite hobby is.
If you would like an additional entry:

-Follow this blog (1 extra entry, if you already follow,go ahead and give yourself an extra entry!)

-Tweet about this giveaway (1 extra entry) *Please remember to mention

My Favorite Crafty Storage Items: Part Two

What else did I need to get my craft room organized? This table from Ikea of course. I purchased this a few years ago and believe it or not, they still have it at the store, but it costs less than it did when I got it! I'm not too disappointed about it because I have gotten a lot of use out of it and am still using it now. I must show you the table without all of my stuff on it though, because you can hardly see the top of it otherwise. I love this table because it is big, very sturdy and there are panels in the middle that can be removed to make it smaller......something I don't think I'll need to do anytime soon, but useful if ever necessary. I put my Cricut Expressions Machine right in the middle of it and used to keep the cartridges on the table as well, but as you'll see below, I have a new spot for those now. For some reason when I use my Cricut, I end up with paper everywhere and the table gets covered which is why it's much better that I don't keep thin…