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It's a 1st Birthday Party!

I had a 1st birthday party for my little girl, and thought I would share some photos. Since her birthday was at the end of April, I chose a garden theme.
Here is the birthday banner, which was colorful and fun!

Above is one of the flower poms I made. I also made a yellow and light pink one, but didn't really get great pictures of them all together. That's the challenge of hosting a party I think.....trying to get nice pictures among other things. :)
This is the cake which I really wanted to make, but my husband didn't want me to. He thought we should try to keep things simple by ordering a cake. The top layer was mango flavor with raspberry filling and the bottom was vanilla with a vanilla and strawberry filling.

Last time we had a party, all of our little neices chose cupcakes over cake, so I had to make a small cupcake tower. Couldn't help myself! I discovered that one of them only likes the icing, so next time, I will probably fill a cupcake cup with just icing and no cake just for her. ;)

I made mini cookies as well, decorated with royal icing and colorful sanding sugar.

This is a springtime sugar cookie house that I have been wanting to make for a very long time. I finally got to make it, and can't wait to make another one!

Last but not least, favors! I found these pretty pink boxes and had to have them. They were actually perfect, because I was able to put cookies in them for the adults and BabyLegs in them for the little ones!


HamsaHealing said…
That looks awesome! I wish I was there to eat all those goodies :)

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