Monday, January 10, 2011

My List of Top 10 Baby Gifts

Many of my friends are having babies in the next little while so I will be attending many baby showers. When buying gifts, I seem to always end up purchasing the same items as they were personally useful to me.

My top ten favorite baby gifts either to give individually or to include in a gift basket are:

1. Baby Cubes
Perfect for storing homemade baby food and snacks on the go when the baby is a bit older.

2. Restaurant Gift Card
Great for the busy new parents. They can have a night out or order take-out.

3. Baby's First Library
Although the baby may end up with several books, it seems you can never have enough of them.

4. Baby Sign Language Books or Videos
These help to reduce temper tantrums and help build confidence as baby sign language helps to reduce the communication barrier between baby and parents.

5. Baby Legs
Makes diaper changes more convenient and can be used to keep baby's legs warm throughout toddlerhood.

6. Scrapbook or Photobook
These would be a great alternative for a baby journal, because they can be used anytime. For instance, the baby's second year, documenting the baby's first birthday an many other special occasions.

7. Photo Shoot
Getting professional portraits of the new baby on his/her own or with the proud parents is an priceless. Although it is something that parents sometimes will already do, others may be too tired or may not know of a good photographer. This gift would likely ensure that those special pictures are captured.

8. Little Pim Language Videos
Perfect for getting the baby started on learning a second language.

9. Infant to Toddler Rocker
This item is great for keeping the new baby occupied, and can be used as a chair when the baby gets older. It is more economical than a baby bouncer, because the bouncer can usually be used for only 6 months.

10. Sophie the Giraffe Teether
I had not heard of Sophie the Giraffe until after I had my first child. This is a wonderful gift, because babies just love Sophie Giraffe, because it`s so soft and squeaks too! Babies especially love to chew on this when they are teething.

You may notice that I did not list items such as a baby monitor, diaper bag, baby bathtubbottle warmer,room decor and many other things that would typically be on a baby registry. This is because the best items I received at my baby shower were not on my baby registry! They were items that friends who had babies before me KNEW would be useful to me, although I didn't know it at the time.

I hope this list was helpful, and as always, feel free to comment about your favorite items!

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