Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How to Ease the Anxiety When You Need a Car Repair

I usually get really nervous when bringing my car into the shop for any kind of repair. Being a woman, the cliche is that you will always end up paying much more than you should for each service. (I'm sure it is a common problem even for some of you men out there) Sometimes you even end up paying for repairs and extras that you didn't even need. I usually check with a few friends just to get their advice and sometimes go to an official dealership just to avoid any unwarranted issues that sometimes come along with going to some random shop. I have noticed that going to a dealership usually costs quite a bit more, but to be honest, I have no idea how much anything should cost.

There is a website called RepairPal and it is a great reference for those who want to have an idea of how much a repair should cost, before going to get their car fixed. I love this because I like to have an idea and some sort of knowledge about what I should be paying for car repair and maintenance services. From something simple such as an oil change to major auto repairs, RepairPal makes getting an estimate really easy.

The RepairPal website has different sections including different car types, a list of common car repairs, an area to get a car repair quote and a directory for auto repair shops and dealerships in your area.

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jakill said...

That sounds like an excellent service for US drivers. Wonder if we have one like it here in the UK.

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