Thursday, March 3, 2011

Little Bread Monster Makes it Easy to make Breakfast

I'm not sure why, but my little girl LOVES bread. She sees it, she asks for it and she eats it up really fast. It could be plain, toasted, buttered or have jam on it and she doesn't care. I thought I would use this to my advantage since we have lucky enough to have a local bakery that makes amazing bread using only nutritious ingredients. I'm sure I could find a good bread recipe online, but I probably wouldn't have the time to actually make it on a regular basis. One of the breads I bought is a raisin bread that contains whole grain flour, rice flour and bean flour amongst a few other ingredients, none of which include preservatives of any kind. They freeze their bread which is fine with me, because I can buy several loaves and just put them in the freezer. Anything that saves me a trip to the store works for me!

On days when I am pressed for time in the morning, having this bread makes it so easy to make a fast breakfast for my little bread monster. I just pop a few slices in the toaster, spread it with almond butter and top it off with thin slices of banana. She gets a glass of milk and the 4 food groups are covered!

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