Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pretty Party Dresses!

I have been looking for a dress for my little girl's birthday portraits and found so many pretty ones. I am going to share them here since I always have such a hard time deciding which outfit or dress to pick. I think I will just make myself choose from the ones that I post here. That way I can stop looking!


The first dress is plain, simple and pretty and I love the color.

This next dress is simple as well and I just love the style of it.

Pleated Tulle Dress from the Gap

A-Line Trapeze Party Dress

The next one is cute and fun. It's also kind of casual so it might be more comfortable to wear.

Cute Dress from H&M
This is the last dress. I really like the rosettes on it, because it would be extra cute with a matching headband.

Rosette Dress from the Gap

Those are the five dresses I narrowed it down to. I know most of them are pink, but that seems to be what is mostly available out there for little girls. I'm definitely not complaining, because I love pink, but I am sure others may want more options. 

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