Sunday, March 6, 2011

What to Watch on Television These Days

This is the Way to Watch!
I usually look forward to watching the only 2 shows that I watch these days every Monday night. They are 90210 and Gossip Girl. However, tomorrow night they will not be on and will not be back until April 18th! Watching television one night a week (I would like to watch more often, but don`t often get the chance) is my little getaway from working, cleaning, cooking, doing laundry and many everyday errands. I actually caught a glimpse of the Oscars last weekend, and it was so fun to watch.

I was originally thinking of watching Americal Idol, but I think this is a good excuse to tune into Survivor:Redemption Island. I have secretly been wanting to watch it, but didn`t want to add another show to my very short list of shows to watch. Once I start watching, I can`t stop! I believe it is on Wednesday nights and started a couple of weeks ago. Boston Rob is back and the last time I watched Survivor, he and Amber were on it! That was a LONG time ago. I can`t wait to get back into the loop and watch Survivor on Wednesday night. It should be interesting. If not, there is always YouTube!

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