Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Fab 5 Moving Tips

There are many reasons for moving, whether it is to be closer to family, a new job or just a change.  Moving into a new home is sometimes exciting and fun, but also requires a lot of energy and hard work. We have been preparing to put our house up for sale and it definitely is a challenging task, especially since there is a lot clutter I didn't even know I had! Here are the 5 moving tips I have come up with since preparing for this move.

Moving Tip #1: De-clutter as soon as you consider moving. It is probably a good idea to do this regardless of whether or not you are moving. :) It's really amazing how nice and refreshing it is once your house is clutter free. Have a garage sale or donate any of the things that you no longer want to keep.

Moving Tip #2: Pre-pack, by packing up anything that you definitely want to keep, but don't use. For me, it was mostly little knick knacks that friends and family had given me through the years. Also craft supplies that I knew I wouldn't have time to use before moving.

Moving Tip #3: Stay organized by labelling all of the boxes and bags that you pack up. I put a label on each box and wrote down the contents so that I don't go crazy finding certain things later on.

Moving Tip #4: Don't overpack. By not overpacking, I mean, don't make the boxes too heavy. For instance, pack heavy items such as books into reasonable sized boxes. Packing a large box full of books may cause the box to be too heavy to lift.

Moving Tip #5: Have plenty of moving supplies on hand such as various sized boxes, tape, labels and markers. I was glad to have different sized boxes for all of the items I was pre-packing since everything varied in size, it made it a lot easier.

Once everything was more organized, I felt a lot better and the house was much easier to maintain. Clearing out all of the clutter also makes for a more relaxing home. During this pre-moving stage, I realized that I have a lot of things that I really don't need. This will definitely make me think twice before buying anything the next time I'm at the store.

I'm sure there are many more moving tips, so if you have any, please do share in the comments section. I would love to learn as many as I can!

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Hiya I am a new follower of yours on gfc. OMG moving is my worst nightmare I moved so so many times in my younger days. Glad I have been stable now for many years. Next move I am hoping is my final move when we retire. Great blog

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