Sunday, February 12, 2012

Save the Date Cards

It's hard to believe that wedding season is fast approaching!

For those who have the date set and are in planning mode, it’s also time to let people know when the big day is. If you’re planning a wedding and need Save the Date cards, Wedding  Paper Divas can lead the way with Save the Date cards, calendars, and even magnets. This year,  many new features have been added as well as save Save the Date items such as Circle Cards and Monogrammed  designs.

Another fun item is Calendars which are a lot of fun and  useful to invitees. Feel free to check out all of the Wedding Paper Divas’ calendars here.  My favorites include the “Romantic  Tab : Smoke” Save The Date Postcard and the “Haute  Heraldry : Black” Save the Date Card.  However, they have so many to choose from, so have fun checking them all out!

What is unique about Wedding Paper  Divas ? Before being shipped, each order is hand reviewed (by a  real live human!) for any issues, so you’re guaranteed to receive high-quality  cards. Shop their Save  the Date cards today. These cards provide convenience and are sure to amaze family and friends.  If you love to get things done, you can get 20% off your entire order (25%  off orders of $149 or more) when you purchase Save The Date cards through  2/16/12. Just use PROMO CODE: WEDSAVE25.

Happy Wedding Planning!

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