Saturday, November 9, 2013

Sewer Backup Causes Home Flooding

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Being a homeowner comes with many responsibilities. A very important one that comes to mind is having the proper insurance coverage. While I have heard of many homeowners who have experienced a sewer back up that caused a flood in their home, they had never before inquired about whether or not the damage caused by the flooding was covered by their home insurance policies.                                                             

With weather these days being so unpredictable and insurance claims for water damage accounting for more than half of the claims made each year, being proactive and taking proper precautions to protect your home are very important. Knowing exactly what your home insurance policy covers is a good step in the right direction. Some friends who have had a flood whether big or small in their home had to move out temporarily and were put in quite the stressful situation when contacting their insurance companies.They had not read through their insurance polices thoroughly as there of course, was a lot to read and also they did not think that something like a flood would happen to them. Finding the right people to fix their house, let alone coming up with the funds (for those without proper coverage) to pay for the repairs was another difficult situation altogether.

However, being prepared and double checking your coverage by reading through your home insurance policy and even calling your insurance provider may help you avoid the headache that home flooding may cause.

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