Sunday, June 26, 2011

Car Shopping and Car Repair Costs

I have been thinking about buying  a new car, but will need to do a lot research before actually buying one. My main concerns are, the cost of car insurance and the repair costs which always come up at some point when you own a car. I always think that repair costs and maintenance concerns would not be an issue with a brand new car. However, my sister's car is less than a year old and already needs a brand new windshield. She happened to get a rock chip on it and then the chip spread quickly into a crack, which means she will need a brand new windshield very soon. Instead of driving from shop to shop to get a quote, we looked at a website called RepairPal so that she would have a better idea of how much the repair should actually cost. That way, she'll know if the quote she gets from a car repair shop or dealership is reasonable.

Before going out to actually shop for cars, I will make a list of my top five cars and compare different repair costs that may come up using RepairPal. I have always been told that certain cars cost a lot more to fix than others. Researching the costs in advance will prepare me for what kind of costs may be associated with common repairs for each car. The RepairPal website has different sections including different car types, a list of common car repairs, an area to get a car repair quote and a directory for auto repair shops and dealerships.

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