Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wedding Cake and Cupcakes

A friend of mine asked me to make cupcakes for her wedding and at first I declined since I had never made wedding cupcakes before.

I love to bake (as a hobby), but was too nervous to seek out a cupcake stand, the perfect cupcake recipe, cupcake packaging, cupcake liners and cupcake toppers to match her wedding decor. Weddings are a big deal, especially to the couple tying the knot so I definitely didn't want to be the one responsible for such an important piece of their special day. Nonetheless, after saying no the first few times, I ended up saying yes! For months, I was thinking I was crazy for taking on such a huge task, but was relieved when the big day came and everything worked out.

I looked for and tested a few cupcake recipes, but found that this simple Martha Stewart Cupcake recipe was the one I liked most. You can find it on her website here. I didn't put the orange zest in it though, because I wanted to keep the flavor as simple as possible. The cupcakes still turned out just fine.

I used a different frosting recipe as I prefer Italian meringue buttercream frosting. It's not too sweet and that's why I love it. Cake Journal has an amazing recipe and in my opinion, perfect instructions. You can find the recipe here.

As for the flowers on the cupcakes, well........I was way to nervous to attempt making them myself so I took the easy way out and ordered them from a local bakery. I think this was a good compromise and is a great idea for those who would want to make their own cupcakes, but don't have a lot of experience, such as myself.

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